Dr. Bruce Bladon


Bruce graduated from Edinburgh University in 1988. After one year in mixed and three years in equine practice he joined O’Gorman Slater and Main (as it was then) in Newbury. From 1995 to 1998 he undertook a Residency in Equine Surgery at Bristol University and then re-joined  Donnington Grove Veterinary Surgery (as it is now) as principle equine surgeon.

Bruce’s principle interest is equine surgery, including arthroscopy, fracture repair, colic and airway surgery. He was equine surgeon for the Rio Olympic Games. He dabbles in imaging including MRI, scintigraphy and radiology. He also has am interest in digital technology including practice management, PACS and DICOM.

Other than this Bruce leads a dull life, spending his time in an operating theatre or looking at black and white pictures. He does not go outside, unless it is sunny,, and though he does manage the occasional ski trip he always likes to have wifi so he can continue to look at MRI scans. He is a low level rugby referee, and has run the odd marathon.  His wife and daughter have innumerable horses, while his son is an aspiring athlete.

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